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Céline Banza
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Céline Banza
The era of independent artists and labels

The Music World is accelerating its digital transformation. During these last years, the number of independent artists posting music and videos on digital platforms and engaging fans through social medias have exploded. 
As a market trend, we expect that by 2030 that 90% of recorded music revenues will be digital.
To stand out from an increasing competition on these platforms, and to drive music discovery, independent artists need more and more services & attention but still want to remain in control of their music and their career.
It’s to answer this need that Believe created in 2018 the Artist Services offer: to act as an amplifier & accelerator of success. 
Artist Services’ core mission is to serve independent top artists, providing them a custom-made experience guarantying them to reach local audiences and develop them at each stage of their career.
Thanks to strong partnerships with over 150 digital platforms, Artist Services stands out by its expertise in developing artists by leveraging innovation, data, tech, and digital Marketing mixed with human expertise.
Indeed, our best-in-class music experts are positioned in each milestone of the artist’s project cycle: from the development plan to the revenue optimization. Treating them with maximum care, they work hand in hand with artists, with full transparency and position them as partners all along their career development

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