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When was Believe founded?

Believe was founded in 2005

Where are Believe’s headquarters?

24 rue Toulouse Lautrec, 75017 Paris FRANCE

When did Believe go public?

Believe went public on June, 10th, 2021. The ticker symbol is “BLV”

When does Believe’s fiscal year end?

Believe’s fiscal year ends on December 31

How can I invest in Believe?

Believe is listed at Euronext Paris (compartment A)

Does Believe distribute dividends?

Believe does not currently pay dividends

When will you release your next financial results?

Please go to the Agenda section of the investor relations website

Investor Relations Contact
  • Emilie Megel
    Emilie Megel
    Head of Investor Relations

    If you have any inquiry as an institutional investor, analyst or individual shareholder: